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bring your story to life.

BobocoMM is a creative technology platform that helps brands and agencies build  high-performance video ads by using a single visual asset as simple as a still photo.

From t.v commercials to social media marketing, our A.I. powered video platform bring all your images to life.

Creative is the #1 driver of campaign performance.
Our all-in-one creative marketing platform empowers you to make the hardest part of advertising easy.

simple & creative.

The fastest video maker for social media marketing

BobocoMM creates impactful, engaging videos from your existing content — so you can make video a regular part of your marketing strategy.
Make your business thrive with top-notch videos ads for social media. The future of social media marketing moves, and BobocoMM puts the future in your hands.

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your banner ads come to life.

Your video starts here.

Forget about shooting, editing or production. Forget about any work from your end. Our machine learning process is simple, rapid and requires minimal resources.

Instead of the same overused templates that other businesses are using, create professional-quality content that’s true to your brand.

This is what smart people say about BobocoMM:

person (6)
Allen Tom — “Working with BobocoMM is a huge advantage, since it helps our clients prepare for a media ecosystem that is video-first. With BobocoMM, our clients can make hundreds of videos ads per day. .”
Director of Social Strategy
Jake Bill — “Being able to produce a video for any social media platform in less then 24 H has increased our production by 36%. Now, we can focus less on creation and more time getting results..”
Global Advertising and Sponsorships
Ann Lee — “We needed high-quality, creative variations for our Holiday YouTube campaigns and the results of this campaign far exceeded our expectations in terms of overall positive impact on direct sales”
Head of Digital Communication & Brand PR
Drew Sykes — “I’m in love with BobocoMM’s client relationship management. if you don't get the support you need, it affects your work. With BobocoMM, we’re never left hanging around.”
Corporate Development Manager

simple from the start.

Amplify your social strategy with video for every channel.

20 years ago, brands created four pieces of content a year, each taking about four months to make, with a budget of $2 million. Nowadays, brands are pushing out more like 400-4,000 pieces of content… four months has changed to four days to four hours

Join BobobcoMM As An INDEPENDENT BUSINESS PARTNERand earn commission selling world-class A.I. video creative platform on your schedule

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